Public Perception of Feminist Performance Activism Essay

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Public Perception of Feminist Performance Activism
In examinations of women’s art and activism, researchers claim that the results of these activist groups' performances are almost always challenging the cultural assumptions about genders. In “Code Pink, Raging Grannies, and the Missile Dick Chicks: Feminist Performance Activism in the Contemporary Anti-War Movement,” Rachel V. Kutz-Flamebaum argues that feminist performance activist groups integrate a combination of gender norm-embracing and norm-challenging elements in their performances. By spreading their viewpoints as they attempt to gain public attention and legitimate results from mass media, these feminist demonstrations in both Emily Anderson’s “Treacherous Pin-ups, Politicized
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From Religious viewers, they not only disagree and dislike DeGeneres’ opinion about gay rights; they think that love is being mocked. Hence, religious arguments arise as these YouTube comments are being analyzed. The comments made by these religious viewers slowly become a discourse of their subjective views on DeGeneres’ performances on screen. Having different cultural and religious backgrounds, audiences begin to debate the differences between sinners and angels. With their subjective criticisms, public is therefore misled with the responses as irrelevant as “Gays are wicked sinners” (Ellen DeGeneres Slams Sarah Palin on Gay Marriage). In some ways, one may say that the topic is being discussed, but the main focus of gay rights is lost due to the heating arguments among the commenters. Hence DeGeneres’ activist message is ignored and she fails to express her thoughts as an activist.
Solidarity plays a big role in the minds of the homosexual viewers. These strong minded audiences are aligned with DeGeneres’ ideas, but their similar experiences of being a homosexual create intense discussion upon the matter. These gender norm challengers share a common ground of bravery to stand up for themselves. Consequently their comments contain aggressive tone. Due to personal issues of these viewers, they express their own thoughts as the “evidences” of the argument. However, paying too much attention on each homosexual’s

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