Essay on Public Health Is Everyone 's Business

1921 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 8 Pages
‘Public health is everyone’s business’ illustrates Jones (2012, p.2). The Faculty of Public Health regard public health as a combination of health protection, health advancement and promoting health (Griffiths and Dark, 2006 cited in Jones p.6 2012).
For part 1 of this assignment, public health in context aims to set the scene and illustrate the challenges. Health inequalities arising in society will be addresed and critically evaluated using the Marmot Review and the associated policy objectives in relation to the social determinants of health (SDH), specifically with reference to the ‘living and working condition’ layer education and housing. The core text, reader and online tutor group (OLT) forum will be explored highlighting the complexities occurring in public health. Personal experiences will be embedded which will guide and inform practical responses to the question.
Part 2 will focus on the ethical dilemmas that public health practitioners may face in order to reduce health inequalities. An example will be drawn from the course material, and Beauchamp and Childress’s four principles model will be used to portray a useful route from which to consider when making ethical decisions.
The position of an individuals’ socio-economic health ordinarily includes their degree of education, income, occupational category and domain of residence. This position affects the extent of susceptibility to health risks such as damaging attitudes’, poverty, hazardous occupational…

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