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Unnatural Causes Reflection

The seven episode documentary series presented by California Newsreel, Unnatural Causes, uses research along with human stories to describe the ever present social determinants of health that plague American society. This series moves through multiple determinants such as the social gradient, race, social exclusion, as well as many others to impress upon its viewers that our health is intimately associated with the environment (Alderman & Strain, 2008). Furthermore these episodes beg the questions, “What else needs to be done?” and “How has my social and physical environments affected my own health?”. This reflection will analyze my own health and community, assess which social determinates
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The social gradient has been described as where one is on the social ladder of society and evidence has shown that the lower one is on this gradient the more likely they are to suffer from poor health (World Health Organization, 2003, p. 11). Unnatural Causes: Not Just A Paycheck and In Sickness and In Wealth expounds upon this point by stating that people of higher socioeconomic status appear to have more control of their health due to the amount of wealth and resources that are available to them (Alderman & Strain, 2008). The fact that my nuclear family was able to drive to a local grocery store for our food shows that we had a certain amount of control over our health because of our position on the social gradient. Therefore we had options and we able to choose healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables and were able to avoid early onset of many chronic diseases. Not everyone has this …show more content…
According to the Economic Policy Institute, millions of people are not in poverty due to the advent of social safety programs such as social security, unemployment insurance, and WIC (Economic Policy Institute, 2015). Therefore best place to start tackling this issue is through policy change. If we could push policies that strengthen these programs, expand their reach, or create a new way to equalizing the divide in health, then perhaps the wealth gap in this country would decrease. Furthermore it would give people the opportunity to move up the gradient. We need to move the thinking in this country away from, everyone for themselves and move towards, we are all in this

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