Public Education Should Be Mandatory Essay

1252 Words Dec 15th, 2015 null Page
When looking back at American history, it can be seen that in the 17th and 18th centuries, education consisted of mainly private tutors and religious schools. Public schooling emerged in 1635 in Boston, Massachusetts with the Boston Latin School that is considered the oldest public school and since then, public schooling has blossomed. Although our country was built on the idea of private education, public education should be mandatory because it provides students with the opportunity to be around and communicate with other students from different backgrounds and can lead to more innovation and creation due to greater access for all kinds of students. Public schools are able to help students in ways that private schools and homeschooling simply cannot. However, the way that our nation’s adolescence receives this public education needs to be adjusted through different classes, the idea of actually absorbing information being taught, and letting kids learn at their own pace in order to promote growth and opportunity. The importance of public education is obvious. It pushes students to associate with students of different backgrounds. In private schools, students are mainly surrounded with peers who come from the same or similar economic and religious background and because of this, kids may be put in a bubble of “protection.” Public school can unite multiple kinds of people who have different beliefs and backgrounds. If public school was not an option, society would be…

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