Public Campaigns : An Organization Of People With Similar Policy Goals

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Outside assemblies such as special interest groups, lobbyists, and PACs shape policies at the federal level. An interest group, the NRA for example, is an organization of people with similar policy goals who enter the political process to try to achieve those objectives. They work to improve or maintain benefits for their supporters through lobbying governments to make changes in public policy, public campaigns, and advocacy. Furthermore, lobbyists are an individual remunerated to persuade (to lobby) politicians to vote in a certain way or otherwise use their office to influence a desired outcome. Interest groups are also involved in forming PACs (organized groups that work on election campaigns both for specific parties and ballot initiatives) which has led to concerns that some groups and even individuals might have disproportionate influence on Congress. Contrariwise, a congressman is a member of congress, and there are a total of 535 of them. Interest groups such as the NRA greatly influence congressmen. A congressman 's number one goal is to get reelected; however, a special interest group’s objective is to get what they want enforced into a law. Therefore, special interest groups, in order to triumph their goal, lobby Congressional Committees. Interest groups offer Congressmen funding for their campaign, and extremely large voting blocks in exchange for Congressional loyalty. Consequently, the impact of lobbyists is uncertain; but then again, many believe they can…

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