Ptsd Essay

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Joshua Nathaniel Cabanos
Psychology report
MOD 180



B. SYMPTOMS * Re-experiencing the traumatic event * Avoidance * Increased anxiety * Emotional arousal * Numbing

C. CAUSES * War * Car/Plane crashes * Terrorist attacks * Physical/sexual assault * Sudden death of a loved one * Risk and resilience factors

D. TREATMENTS * Cognitive processing therapy * Medication


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, more commonly known as PTSD, is more common and serious then other people think, it is a disorder that can take over someone’s life and change them as a whole and occurs after experiencing severe trauma or a
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It can also lead to the inability to recall information, a loss of interest in life and physical activities, and feeling detached or a sense of a limited future. When it comes to increased anxiety and emotional arousal this symptom includes things such as difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, irritability or outbursts of anger, feeling jumpy and being hyper vigilant.
The actual cause of PTSD is unknown but it is triggered by psychological, genetic, physical, and social factors. These events can include being in war or combat situations, car or airplane accidents, sexual or physical assault, terrorist attacks or a sudden loss of a loved one. There are risk factors that can increase a person’s chance of getting PTSD which include living through dangerous events and traumas, having a history of mental illness, seeing people hurt or killed, or extreme fear, loss of a loved one and pain and injury. Resilience factors that may reduce the risk of PTSD include seeking out support from other people, such as friends and family, finding a support group after a traumatic event, feeling good about one's own actions in the face of danger or a way of getting through the bad event and learning from it.
There are several ways to treat PTSD, one of them is called Cognitive Processing Theory or psychotherapy. Everybody is different so a treatment that works for one person may not necessarily work for

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