Psychosocial Factors In Aging Essay

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Based on my reading of the article Psychosocial Factors in Aging, the research finds that aging can positively affect physical health, emotional well-being, and cognition (Larzelere, 2011). Being sexually active can help improve an elderly’s physical condition. Most seniors believe that sexual activity is a vital part of life and important to the maintenance of good relationships. Continued sexual functioning into advanced age has been associated with lower all-cause and stroke-specific mortality rates in both men and women (Larzelere, 2011). Eileen who was 92, was still a flirt and she enjoyed physical attention. She was very old but the physical attention made her happy and she lived to an old age of 93 (Walker, 2008). Most seniors rate …show more content…
An example of this finding in the movie was when Bob died. The Young@Heart group were on their way to a singing engagement at the jail, when the terrible news was given to them. Although they were sad, they were able to produce enough excitement for their audience and they even dedicated a song to Bob. Singing with Bob gave the group pleasant emotional experiences with him, and once he had left they were able to cope with his death in just enough time for them to perform (Walker, 2008). This illustrates the positive affect aging had on these elderly people’s emotion, because if they were younger some of the members wouldn’t have handled the news as …show more content…
An 80-year-old should promote healthy aging by finding faith (Scheier, November 10, 2016). Finding faith is important for an elderly person because they have hope beyond the grave. For example, an 80-year-old Christian, who has lived their life for the Lord will accept their life that they lived and have contentment for life after death, in heaven. Contentment from finding faith is important for this healthy aging.
One stereotype identified in the article, was that to be old is to be too sick to perform functions necessary for daily living (Larzelere, 2011). However, Lenny drove daily to rehearsal in his car (Walker, 2008). This elderly man challenged the stereotype of not being able to perform the act of driving, which takes skill and alertness. The man was able to even drive his friends with him to rehearsal. The reality is that most older adults are able to perform functions necessary for daily living (Larzelere, 2011), as shown in the

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