Diversity In The Older Age

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The negative attitudes about aging must be challenged if change for the better to occur. This article provides suggestions for challenging ageism meanwhile encouraging an increased active lifestyle in older adults. The public education system is the first effort mentioned to address this issue, starting in primary schools our youth should be exposed to recognizing the diversity in the older population and the multilevel influences on the functioning and health of older individuals. There must also be an increase in public awareness of positive images of aging, specifically focused on people aged 50 and older. The healthcare professionals and social service providers need realistic expectations about what older people are capable and incapable …show more content…
I have had the opportunity to work with elderly populations numerous times, and can see the impact our stereotypes have made on them. I have been on three mission trips out of the country and provided care for individuals of a various ages. The elderly were always the most grateful, and their replies were convicting yet refreshing. Some of the patients I worked with would pull me aside and personally thank me for not treating them as if they were senile. I never put much thought into this, as I hoped they were just being grateful. However, I realize now that they probably do not get the same treatment from the majority of others they interact with. This article identifies a huge problem in our society’s way of living, and hopefully its efforts to bring change will be evident in the near future. Physical activity is a beneficial recommendation that I have seen the benefits of, and this article shows exactly how to implement opportunities for it. The elderly community should be respected as much as any other age group and this article is a step in the right direction to reach that goal. This article highlights the negative influences of ageism as it is harmful to older adults’ cognitive, psychological, and physical well-being. Meanwhile addressing the benefits of connecting with older adults, promoting physical activity, providing governmental support, and working together as a community to achieve the best quality of life for all individuals. My recommendation for future research would be to study the self-proficiency of technology usage and what it is used for between all ages. I think we are moving towards a future where technology plays a major role, and would like to see if the lack of proficiency or desire to learn plays a role in the age segregation. A second study would focus on a survey administered to a population of all ages where interests, hobbies, and exercise plans are recorded. This

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