Essay On Middle Adulthood

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Middle Adulthood is the time from ages forty to sixty-four, when individuals know that aging is unavoidable and new challenges are awaiting them (Belsky, 2013, 363). Many older adults are facing life milestones such as marriage, parenting, advancing in their careers, grand-parenting, and eventually retiring (Belsky, 2013, 366). As they age they are also experiencing physical, cognitive, and psychosocial changes that they have never had to deal with before. In order to understand what these middle adulthood life events are like, I interviewed my lovely neighbor, M.K.W. M.K.W. is sixty-two years old, experiencing the end of her middle adulthood phase, and approaching her retirement phase. She has been my neighbor for the past five years and has always been very friendly and approachable. I was invited into her house, where we had a three hour long interview, which was very …show more content…
graduated from Brown University in Rhode Island with a Bachelor in Science of Political Science. She then went on to get her Masters of Law from the University of Richmond, as well as her Doctor of Juridical Science. When I asked M.K.W. what the peak of her career was, she said it was when she worked as a Chief Legal Officer for Bank of America. Due to her husband’s job transferring and having three children, M.K.W. was a staying home mom for ten years and then got a job as a Political Science professor at Ohio State University. M.K.W.’s children and their families all settled down in Tennessee. This is why M.K.W. and her husband moved to the area five years ago, in addition to M.K.W. accepting a job as a professor at Belmont University teaching a few classes for the School of Law. M.K.W. continues to experience her boundaryless career by changing from job to job (Belsky, 2013, 351). She told me she sees herself teaching part time for at least five more years before she considers retiring. Even then she can expect to be retired for nearly a quarter of her life (Belsky, 2013,

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