Lifespan Development Case Study

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Lifespan development includes many stages of growth; one of these stages is middle adulthood. This time period is defined as the time period from the 30’s into the 50’s (Broderick, 2015). This period of time is complex and multifaceted, with job, socioeconomic issues, children, spouse and many other life personal issues. Relationships are also of concern, with divorce, cohabitation, marriage and remarriage adding to the complication of the time period (Broderick, 2015). War, disaster, world events and other environmental issues can also mark this time period (Broderick, 2015). In addition to these various issues, the body begins to age and may slow down or experience illness (Broderick, 2015) The complexity of issues at this age can include multiple physical, psychological, environmental and social issues (Broderick, 2015) A case study is being reviewed of a middle aged woman with multiple issues consideration will be given to the primary issues, challenges, impact to the individual and cultural differences and finally an intervention will be considered.

Primary Issue(s)
A case study is reviewed of a 45-year-old Mexican-American woman, Lupe, who has presented with depression (Broderick, 2015). She is in a circumstance, which is sometimes called the
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The case study of Lupe is very likely to have a positive outcome. In her past, she has demonstrated tenacity and resourcefulness. With the appropriate support, she can work through these current circumstances and return to her highly functioning life. With appropriate intervention, Lupe can received sensitive culturally relevant therapy that can help her with her current issues. These concerns are mostly situational. Although her culture is imperative in an intervention, the primary need is assistants during this challenging

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