Demographic Transition Model Essay

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According to Demographic Transition Model, there has been a gradually shift from high fertility and mortality rates to a decline in birth rate and death rates, which leads to the ageing of populations in the world. Therefore, many scientists, developmental psychologists, healthcare professionals and even governments start to emphasis on the aging issue. In the previous years, ageing was simply associated with a decline in physical, psychological, social capacities and an increase in the risk of frailty, disability, morbidity. For instance, Dana Kotter-Gruehn, a psychology professor, said that even children have these negative streotypes about growing older and they see older adults as sick, slow, forgetful and no good. However, in recent years, the views of ageing have changed. For example, the scientists demonstate that old people are more cognitively and emotionally stable as compared to younger ones (Tapper, J., 2010). Another finding shows that age brings happiness (Cicetti, F., 2013). Susan Turk Charles, a psychologist, indicated that ‘‘People with old age are better at letting anything annoy them and use more negotiation strategies by dealing with their environment’’. So, it is clear that there is a huge variance in ageing. Therefore, many …show more content…
She told me that she did few houseworks but she tried to do them well. ‘‘One day, I take care of my gardens like cultivating the soil by digging. Another day, I sew a dress for my daughter or grandchild. I do not get tired quickly in this way’’ she replied. I also asked if she realized any difference compared to her younger times while considering her way of thinking. She answered she sometimes had a problem while paying attention to two things at the same time. So, if she talked with someone in home, she would turn off the television to understand what a person said easily and to get a

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