Psychology : The Human Brain Works And How Humans Behave Essay

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Psychology 104
September, 15 2016
Psychology is an important part of science that deals with many aspects of how the human brain works and how humans behave. However, people have been wondering if psychology can be generalized for a whole population and other cultures. Most psychologist have picked a side and they are willing to defend their sides with every piece of evidence they have supporting their side. Generalization is important because it enables psychologist to study a small group of people, that are part of a population and it lets them gain insight on how the population has changed over time. However, if it turns out that generalization does not accurately represent a population than the psychologist will have to go back and redo experiments already done and they will have to change the way they do experiments and in order to gather data.
Psychology is being put into question to see if it can be generalized to other cultures. Jeffery Jensen Arrnet, a psychologist, claims that American psychological research cannot be generalized to other cultures. He states that such a small amount of the population is ever tested that it cannot accurately represent the rest of the population, especially in America. Arrnet states that all humans do not have the same psychological process due to different experiences they have all had. He stresses that psychology should focus more on how people live day to day and how cultures are different rather than…

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