The New Christian Counsellor Summary

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The new Christian Counsellor: A fresh Biblical and Transformational Approach is a

book that aims to teach people and empower them to take possession of their souls in the

contemporary life of a multi-faceted approach design. The authors are seasoned Christian

counsellors who have a vast experience in dealing with people’s psycho-spiritual issues from

a Christian point of view (Hawkins & Clinton, 2015 p.6). Through their noble ideas, the

professors seek to guide their reads through the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives, under

the influence of God’s word and in a manner that is supportive of the accountability ideas of

the entire community.

The authors seek to elucidate to the masses the concepts of God’s hope,
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They believe that the

sole source of knowledge is the revelation and that any reference in other knowledge

acquisition efforts is invalid. The two professors believe that psychotherapy is just a

substitute to the conversion undertakings of the Holy Spirit. The fact that the writers show

lots of opposition to any other scientific definitions to knowledge acquisition indicates that

they are using the ‘Against’ model in their descriptions (Martin, 2013 p.5). The professor’s

sum up their expositions in several points such that they out rightly reject psychology. They

perceive the conflict between the two concepts as inherent and without a solution. That

means that the possibility of there being a reconciliation anytime in the future is nil.

They assert that psychology for them is not a science and that all adjustments to make

it look as such result from sin. They believe that sin is a spiritual element, and one needs a

mental approach to deal with issues in life as opposed to psychotherapy. The writers also

think that there are two sources of ideas in the human realm. The two sources are God
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According to Hawkins and Clinton, the psychotherapy experts only receive

training in principles as opposed the particular training scientific training.


The principles in the book are majorly spiritual and get based on the aspect of Christian

application to solutions in life. I would apply some of the principles in my daily life to make

essential transformations towards the best I can. Principles like the concept of being human

are significant in the life of a person. I would apply the law in a manner that would make me

treat others more like the human. The idea here I that I need to be human first to acquire the

power to address others as such. The other significant principle that I could apply in my life is

the principle of avoiding sinful situations and engagements so that I can achieve Shalom

(Hawkins & Clinton, 2015 p.139).

Shalom is peace beyond the human definition of peace. It is the great delight in the

power and hopeful love from the creator. The principle of living right is essential in

counselling centers to help people adopt a peaceful way of life. People would greatly benefit

from following the godly principle of staying under the umbrella of righteousness and

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