Essay about Psychology : Psychology And Psychology

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Psychology is one of the many mayors that can have many positively contributions to any other mayors that are not completely related to psychology. What is very interesting about psychology is that it goes psychology goes further than any other mayor into analyzing our cognition. Psychology can analyze how our brain functions due to stress as well as how our memory works. Not only does psychology examine how our cognitive process works, but it also demonstrates how our behavior is affected by our thinking process. Consequently, in every job people need to be at a healthy mental state in order to function properly at work. And for this reason, I believe the job that my undergraduate in psychology would definitely benefit the most is a probation officer.
Serving the community is something that will be my main priority. What I absolutely love about psychology and the job of a probation officer is the idea of receiving the opportunity to possibly save someone at the time they needed you the most. I definitely want to contribute my understandings of psychology to the rehabilitation process that a probation officer offers. Furthermore, by the time I receive my diploma in psychology as an individual I will be capable to work with a wide range of people. In addition, I will have a fair-minded approach, something that a probation officer must convey. From psychology, my comprehension of how the brain works with stress will expand, I will have the capability to stay calm when I am…

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