Psychology : Psychology And Psychology Essay

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Psychology has many fields and careers in which you could be able to choose from. However, when most people think of psychology the first career to come to mind is therapy. Even in that field, there are more sub-careers in which people divulge in. The most common of them being counseling, where relatively healthy people go and need help coping with a crisis they are currently going through. The career that this paper will focus on is psychotherapy. In order to become a licensed therapist, you would first need to get an undergraduate degree in general psychology. You would then need to at least earn a master’s degree in clinical/counseling psychology. After education is finished with you would then need to be certified to practice therapy or counseling by our state. Because psychotherapy is so tightly bound with the science of psychology, many concepts from psychology will be found when dealing in psychotherapy. The concepts that will be examined in this paper are stress, problem solving, personality, and depression.
Stress is defined as the response to a threat resulting from a stimulus. In therapy people mainly seek help because of them not being able to handle the stress they are dealing with on their own. Thus they go out and seek help. As a therapist understands stress and how it effects others, they can then begin to understand their client and find a way that is best suited to help them. As a therapist is supposed to help and support their clients with the stress in…

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