Psychology Movie Review Essay

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Fight Club, starring Edward Norton who plays a role as a typical single man, living an ordinary life working in the corporate world. He believes in buying the most fascinating things that his money can buy. Even though that may seem perfect, he suffered from insomnia, multiple person’s disorder (schizophrenia), delusions, and paranoia. The movie starts out with a detailed history of his life as an adult. But surprisingly throughout the whole movie, he (Edward Norton) never once stated his name. He was the narrator telling his story. Then I tend to notice that he, “the narrator” mainly focused on self-talk and also dealing with his insomnia. After he seeks out the attention from his physician to deal with the lack of sleep, his physician …show more content…
Then came the acts of terrorism began on small companies and towards the cities officials where he had no recollection of these occurrences were happening around him. Following an argument of power and control Tyler decided to challenge him on his outlook on life following a near death experience to test his reaction.
After awakening, he noticed that Tyler had disappeared and the Fight Club had been out of control. And due to the rules that were set forth for the club no one disclosed any information that he was seeking. So he decided to find the truth. Where Tyler and what were was going on? He needed to understand why? He found himself in every city that Tyler had traveled to and encountered that Tyler had formed Fight Club in so many cities as if he built his whole army.
But the biggest twist was him encountering Tyler in the hotel on his last city and found it to be that the whole entire time Tyler was not a friend, Tyler was him. Meaning Tyler was a figment of his imagination and his alter ego. But remember I said throughout the movie the narrator told the story and never told exactly what his name was. So he came to the suspense’s that he was Tyler Durdan and figured that he can get rid of him by shooting himself in the head. Everything that happened in the movie was Tyler’s split

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