Last Man Standing Analysis

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Last Man Standing wrote by David Baldacci . Is a novel that have 640 pages and 57 chapters . The genre of this novel is Fiction and published on November 6 , 2001 . The publisher of this is the Grand Central Publishing in United States. David Baldacci inspired by his mother to write since he is a child . In his child hood time, when he is crying his mother given him a notebook to keep quiet . From that David set a fire from his from his writing career . His first novel "absolute power" published in 1996 . David followed a film featured in Clint,Eastwood as its director and star . In all in all , David has published 34 novels and become the national and international bestsellers novels for adults . Almost all his novel adapted for
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I create a questions to become my criteria to help me to give review about this novel . One of the major criteria I use to rate this novel is "Did I learn anything ?" I learned from Baldacci 's point of view in life that writers should resist the an ordinary people although can educated people can understand . Second is the flow of the story because there is a gap within several pages and the next chapter set a new situation . The story itself because the story is too long to read it makes the reader bored . If i given a chance to change or edit the novel , I select word that is so simple to understand , I give detailed by detailed and transform for a short version of it . Third question is What are /is the strength ? I think the strength is in the dialogue is a crisp as ever and perhaps nore clever . Also the characterization , the characters are effective and realistic . Although the rest of his characters are one -dimensional especially womens . Lastly What is/are the reasons Baldacci to write this novel ? I think to show the reality because it shows the war , war that kill life , destroy the nation and eradicate other country or group

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