Essay Psychological And Social Responsibility Of The World

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When it comes to understanding yourself and your personality on a deeper level than normally, you must take personal stories into perspective that have shaped your life while growing up. According to McAdams, “defining oneself through a personal story is an act of psychological and social responsibility” (Engler 2009). Psychological and social responsibility relate to how you act onto actions around you and how you tie society into your viewpoint of the world. In other words, explaining yourself through a story can show several things such as how your emotions played an affect, the type of response you displayed to something that happened, and as well as the lessons you learned through a personal but also social aspect. In addition, McAdams claimed, “The stories reveal both strengths and weaknesses in American’s understanding of themselves and their behavior in the world” (Engler 2009). Not only does sharing a personal story teach others of your type of personality but it also has the ability for you to learn things you never knew about yourself. One serious and self-reflective story I tend to convey to people when I become acquainted with them is related to how Hurricane Katrina affected my family and I. About eight years ago, Hurricane Katrina made landfall and devastated many parts of Louisiana and Mississippi. Prior to the disaster, I was born and raised in New Orleans; my home there was extremely important to me. To this day, it still seems so unrealistic; I lost…

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