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Kevin Johnson Field Paper 1 Psychology 100 Obsessive Compulsive disorder is a psychological illness that causes an individual to be either obsessive, compulsive, or both. In this illness obsessiveness could mean a recurring image, thought, or impulse a person is having that can create anxiety, or cause the person to be uncomfortable. The compulsive aspect could be interpreted to mean the need or the compulsion to repeat a certain behavior or action. Though there are occurrences where one or

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These themes come with signs and symptoms of their own. One may constantly doubt themselves by questioning actions they have claimed to do, feel numerous amounts of stress when things are moved or not facing a certain way, repeatedly conjure thoughts about screaming obscene words or acting crudely, avoid situations that cause obsessions, or become distressed when sexual or religious reoccur in the mind. An individual may try to rid these obsessions by performing actions that can become repetitive or compulsive.
The compulsions that come with OCD are behaviors that are repeated that a person feels a need to perform. The compulsions that the individual keeps performing are meant to relieve the person from the anxiety or stop them from doing something harmful to either themselves or other people. The compulsions that come from the obsessions tend to bring no sense of pleasure, and sometimes release stress or relieve anxiety but only for a short time. There are cases in which the compulsions that the afflicted have are a set of guide lines or rituals that are meant to control ones anxiety or thoughts. Though most of the compulsions are not connected rationally to the event that they are trying to prevent. Like the obsessions, compulsions also follow patterns or themes. Some of these themes include washing/cleaning, counting, checking, demanding reassurance, a strict routine that must be followed, and being orderly. The signs that come with
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