How To Write A Reflective Essay On My Field Experience

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I really enjoyed doing this assignment. Through this field experience, I am able to get more involved in our school. Most of my involvement included professional growth in science, PLCs, parent involvement committee, and continuing our chess club. This year has also challenged me a lot as an educator. I started with two big fifth grade classes. Student behaviors have taken a lot of my energy, but pretty soon, we will be getting another fifth grade teacher to help reduce the class sizes. If I was not dealing with student behavior, I was spending time trying to work on my science content leader role. Most of first quarter was spent on these two areas, but I was impressed on how much more I was able to accomplish during our first
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While I teach math and science in Spanish, we have another teacher who teaches reading, writing, and ELA in English. We are both the only two fifth grade teach-ers, and we teach all of our 64 fifth grade students. This year, my principal asked me to the mentor of our new fifth grade teacher. This is her first year teaching, and she has found it really hard. We both are finding it really hard to teach all of our students. The cur-rent class we have has had three teachers from second grade. I was really upset to find that they decided that fifth grade was the year they no longer needed three teachers for this class. The reason they kept three teachers was because they have always struggled with behaviors, and they wanted to maintain class sizes down. It has been tough been her mentor, as I am having the same struggles she has. Our vice principal and principal have acknowledged that they should have had a third teacher. They are in the process of hiring another teacher and changing people around to be able to add another teacher. While having a third teacher will help, we are also working on the behaviors of our students. Our vice principal has created a fifth grade PLC group. We meet every other Tuesday and discuss concerns, progress, as well as set goals for our students. The first meeting was all about identifying some of our biggest con-cerns. We decided that in order to help …show more content…
We started the year by meeting as a group and planning our fami-ly events. Last year, I got involved in this committee and had a great experience. This year we had had a slow start. Our parent liai-son left the school for a better opportunity, and we are getting a new parent liaison next week. I think once our new parent liaison starts, we will continue to work as a team to plan our family events. Another focus for this group is to come up with ideas on how to get more parent involvement. One idea was to create a community/family resource room. This was started over the summer, and I hope that with our new parent liaison, this and other ideas can continue to get worked on.
Other parts of my involvement included me continuing to manage our chess club. I am working with fifth and sixth graders with our chess club. This group of students meet with me once a week, where we practice strategies and improve our chess game. The plan is to get this group of students ready for some our chess tournaments. It has been a slow start to our chess tournament, but we will be make this a priority next

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