Prostitution : The World 's Oldest Profession Essay examples

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Prostitution Prostitution is sometimes referred to as the world’s oldest profession. It is a growing problem here in the United States and all over the world as well. Prostitution is a highly debated term with some controversy, but the common everyday definition is the exchange of sexual services for compensations (usually money). So what is the history of prostitution, statistics, types of prostitution, and effects of prostitution? Is prostitution really in the bible? Our most ancient historical record is believed to be the Books of Moses. While the law forbids parents from forcing daughters into prostitution, there is no penalty attached (Lev 19:29). In one case there is a penalty: If a woman has been betrothed to a man and he discovers that she is not a virgin, she may be stoned to death for prostituting herself (Deut 22:13-21). These passages could be concluded to believe that when two adults, neither of which was betrothed or married, consented to have sex, it was not considered a very serious crime, because no sanctions were expressed. However, before the Mosaic Law, burning was the penalty in one instance (Gen 38:24). Perhaps Israelite society, like modern ones, tolerated a certain amount of prostitution, but it was clearly immoral and the sages sternly warned against it (Prov 23:27; 29:3). A priest 's daughter could be burned for harlotry (Lev 21:9); the intent of this was to keep the priestly line pure. Apparently, prostitutes in ancient times dressed in…

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