Prostitution : The World 's Oldest Profession Essays

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Prostitution has been around for hundreds of year and is referred to as the “world’s oldest profession”. Before prostitution was known as trading sexual activities for materialistic items, it was known by a religious connotation in which temple maiden had sexual intercourse as an act of worshipping the temple deity ( There are different sorts of prostitutions, but one of the main one that is seen today is “streetwalking”, in which the prostitutes or client know as “John” seek their next target. The term “John” is referred to as the prostitute’s client. A Man who controls a prostitute is known as a “Pimp”, they have known to promise them protection for a large sum of their money. Parts of Nevada that as the maximum of 400,000 people allows prostitution, according to the Data from By the Number: Legalizing Prostitution ( Supporters and opponent argue about the legalization of prostitution because of its morals, diseases control and the safety.

Supporters’ claim that prostitution itself is not immoral, but on the hand opponents’ claim that prostitution is a lack of respect. According to supporter Alexa Albert, she stated that “The demand will be met with supply one way or another, no matter what is legislated. Turning our backs on the women (and men) that do this work may be far more immoral - even criminal - than prostitution itself. Only when we recognize and…

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