Essay on Prostitution And Its Effects On Society

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Introduction Prostitution has been argued about for as long as man has walked the earth. People constantly argue over the morality of the act and often forget that these are actual people they are arguing about. It does not matter whether someone thinks that a prostitute is lesser of a human for their occupation, it does not change the fact that they still are human. The laws that are currently in place in America in order to control prostitution are simply inadequate. Prostitutes in America (mostly women) are vulnerable to violence from customers and pimps (Fuchs).As time goes on this problem becomes more and more prominent in society, something needs to change. This is where the law that the Swedish created. It is called the Kvinnofrid law and it legalizes the act of being a prostitute, but makes it illegal to purchase their services. This grants prostitutes with a more secure sense of protection that comes with understanding that they can go to the police. It also outlaws the existence of brothels. The prostitute is independent in the sale of themselves. Canada and Northern Ireland have followed suit with law, finding similar results to the ones that Sweden had previously found.
Literary Review
What is the history of Prostitution?
Prostitution is an occupation as old as time itself. The first recorded case of prostitution was in the third millennium B.C. Many Sumerians in the Mesopotamian era worshipped the goddess Ishtar. She is the goddess of fertility, war, love,…

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