Pros And Cons: The Impacts Of Social Media

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The Impacts of Social Media

Social media is online application or communication tools (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that enable users to share information, ideas, personal message, etc. The globalization makes technology grow rapidly. Just a decade ago, Facebook and Twitter were popular and enabled us to communicate using the applications even though the users were in diverse place and diverse time. Today, the world has more than one billion active users of social media other than Facebook and twitter. In recent years, Instagram and Snapchat become popular among teenagers and adults. But how social media impacts us negatively and otherwise? Therefore, these are the pros and cons to understand the impacts of social media.

Social media
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Generally, they become not concerned with their surroundings. For example, during a weekend when family get together, people nowadays tend to focus more on their gadgets rather than socialize directly. Social media addiction also affects sleeping habits. Social media has become the food or in other word the essential thing for many people in their life. People may spend night to night with social media. It affects their sleeping time and there would be changes in the path of sleeping time like, usually time for sleep is around 09.00 p.m. but now changes be 02:00 …show more content…
Media marketing through newspapers, television and radio can be costly, but through social media, businessmen don’t need to worry upon marketing their products. For example, you as entrepreneur can use media social to promote your product. All you may do is take the best pictures and post them on your social media account. You don’t need to pay for advertising company, with social media like Instagram, twitter, or Facebook, your business will be connected with customers quickly and free, only with time you can lower marketing costs. We know that many people use social media and they could see your product and make your product become popular by sharing and spreading buzz about your product in social media.

In conclusion, social media has impacted our lives both positively and negatively. The negative impact, we know social media can affect someone’s mental, be addictive, and trigger cybercrime. The positive impact however, social media is one of tools to improve education and as a part of your business. We can feel the positive impacts behind the negative impacts, therefore, we have to be smart and selective as a user. In addition, we must be careful with social media, especially teenagers who just knew about social

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