Pros And Cons Of Divorce

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Most married couples are inclined on having divorce where they think that this is the best option of legally terminating what they have started. But divorce has its own pros and cons. For those married couples who filed a case on divorce are more likely considering on the pros than the cons. Later on, negative consequences come in due to their choice of having divorce. Below are the pros and cons that will be thoroughly stated:

Pros If you are living in a violent situation that you are domestically abuse, divorce and the court is your way out. You have a great reason why you should divorce your spouse. In some cases, those spouses who are abusive could possibly lead to crimes or even murder. So it is better to think twice than to regret
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Staying in a marriage where you feel alone and that spouse of yours does not care about your presence, why sticking on him? As what the quote goes, “Why sticking on a shrimp when you can have a dolphin?”

There are a lot of arguments for that could be explained by people who have experienced divorce, and those mentioned above are mainly some of the reasons why people most likely get divorce.

Cons As what I have said earlier, marriage is a lifetime commitment. It is sacred in a sense that you are blessed under God’s covenant. Both promise to love, to cherish, to care, to hold, and to protect each other in whatever the circumstances, and even until death they part.

Second chances exist so to correct mistakes. Forgiveness is what we need as human beings. It is in nature that we, humans, commit mistakes. Everyone deserves second chances.

If divorce will happen, then what is the point of marrying someone? You not only lose that someone of yours, but also lose the true meaning of marriage. It also weakens the strength of the family. It pictures out the idea of the minds of your children that divorce is good. Imagine if you happened to file a divorce, it not only influences your children, but also your children’s children. They could possibly conclude, “…because it runs from the

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