Persuasive Essay On Divorce

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Couples take the easy way out by coming to a decision that divorce is the right solution to all their tribulations instead of solving those ridiculous problems through devoting their life to love, saving their marriage. Marriage is supposed to be a one-flesh relationship made by God, human beings are not allowed to end this precious relationship for asinine reasons. Another way to call marriage is a “covenant”, according to the Old Testament (Brewer 1). The belief of this cherished covenant was embraced through benedictions, curses, mutual concern between the married couple, loyalty, and especially, love (Brewer 2). Love is the essential major key point for a healthy relationship. However, there is an enormous growth of divorces in the current …show more content…
Elsi Radtko mentions the major four types of arguments that can create a feeling of revulsion such as contempt, criticism, defensiveness, and stonewalling (Curran, Rubio 361). The first step is, contempt, it can create a lack of mutual respect and disobedience creating detestation between the couple. Criticism might cause the potential to blame everything on their other half, leading to defensiveness. When a person has committed a wrongdoing, he/she is obliged to realize the mistake and surrender to their mutual partner. When the person knows about all their wrongdoings, and gets a defensive reply, the problem will grow vastly. One of the most dangerous arguments is stonewalling (Curran, Rubio 361). Stonewalling can influence the couple to damage their relationship and creates resentment. The person getting an evasive response or no response at all would feel like communicating to a brick wall. The body language of a person must be taken to consideration as well. When the couples start attacking each other verbally, the fight turns into a cold war. Condescension should not be signaled by the partner since it can cause a sense of inequality between them (Gottman, Silver 32). Biologically, “men are more easily overwhelmed by marital conflict than are their wives” (Gottman, Silver 38). These biological factors lead the men to think how indignant they feel and jump to a conclusion leading to belligerence …show more content…
Everyone will not be the same prior to marriage and after it, since there are more responsibilities and there is a sense of dependency (Curran, Rubio 334). According to the Christian perspective on cohabitation, it is sinful since it is a violation of chastity. There is not a true commitment lacking reason and logic. The unmarried partner will start viewing the other person as a sexual object. The couple will only use each other for their satisfactions either sexually or financially. The courage and willingness to give will fade away while taking will boost to a higher level. In order for a person to take continuously, the other person must give the pleasure, this will start decreasing as days goes on. In the end, there will not be any exchanges between them. Vows are missing, causing an absence of holiness. Cohabitation represents an unfaithful trial of marriage, rejecting God’s rules. Most importantly, the couple must think about their future children they are going to have. A child will realize any concerns between their parents effortlessly. The children will be effected both socially and emotionally because of the corruptive relationships between their parents. The rate of cohabitation increased to seventy-two percent near the year 2000, and there twenty-five million children living fatherless (Curran, Rubio

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