Marriage Is Better Than Marriage Persuasive Essay

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Annoyed by her husband’s idiosyncrasies, Cindy decided she could no longer stand to continue her marriage. She regretted the years she had spent tied down and dreamt of being free as she once was. Cindy chose to go through with the separation, sending their three children back and forth between their parents’ houses. She so selfishly got a divorce, not considering what it would do to her children and even their relatives. Unfortunately, Cindy did not take into account some of the major reasons one should save their marriage. It is usually better for a person to try to save their marriage rather than getting a divorce because divorce hurts the individual, it hurts those around the ones involved, and it is not as desirable as some believe.
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Some people dream of getting out of their marriage so they can be available for dating. For example, Medved tells a story of a divorced lady when she states, “But after three years single, she has found only frustration-and the humiliating realization that at her age, she is considered witty and glib but not especially desirable” (665). Most people, like the lady in story, find being single to not be as glamorous as they believed. In the same way, many people regret getting married their current spouse and hope for success in a second marriage. Medeved confronts this and says, “Only about half of those I interviewed who remarried stayed with the second spouse or reported conjugal satisfaction” and goes on to say, “many found themselves reeling from their first marriages years later and admitted repeating the same mistakes” (669). They may dream of having a new spouse, only to find their second marriage to be just as difficult as the first. Similarly, individuals who hope to get out of their current marriage often do not realize what they are throwing away. Medved remarks, “Marriage gives you something to show for your time on earth-children (usually) and a bond built on continuity and history” (672). It is easy to see how divorce is not as gratifying as some so

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