The Major Threats To Divorce In Today's Society

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Divorce The major reason for divorce is marriage. In today’s society, divorce is more common than ever before. Centuries ago, the most important thing in a woman’s life was for her to get married and start a family. A woman being divorced was unheard of and if it happened it was always kept as a secret. “Divorce was neither prevalent nor particularly acceptable during the first half of the nineteenth century. There were strong social and religious objections to the sundering of what many viewed as a sacred commitment.” Religion played and still plays a very important part in relationship of any type between people. In a religion, such as Christianity, it is often believed that both woman and man are expected to be married before consummating. …show more content…
Lack of individuality can be developed in a partner if they feel that they haven’t fulfilled necessary needs in order to reach self-actualization. This can make them feel like they are regressing while their partner might be progressing and could potentially lead to depression. Lack of intimacy can cause a strain in a relationship especially when children and/or work gets in the way a lot. In a relationship, there are always expectations to help improve the elements to have a strong, long lasting marriage. If these expectations are not met, one spouse or both spouses might feel the relationship is not progressing as they thought it would. Finances often poses as a major reason for divorces. Many people go into relationships with debts and this can potentially cause harm to a marriage. When one or both spouse is facing debt and possible bad credit, it can be hard for both individuals to successfully recover in a short period of time and purchase a home, car, and other higher purchase items. Debt can be overwhelming, especially if there is only one breadwinner and variety of bills to be paid. Communication is a major key to success in any relationship. Without good communication people are unable to resolve conflicts, which often tends to lead to other problem causing relationships to fail. With all these factors, a decision of divorce would be a favorable way to escape these problems. Divorce can take a huge toll on a spouse, especially if one spouse has moved on quicker than the other. Many feelings become hurt causing turmoil in an already chaotic divorce. Partners are faced with the potential of losing their possessions to their partner. Another factor that poses a big threat on marriage is high expectations in a marriage. “Some observers attribute our high divorce rate to the view that Americans’ expectations are too high. People increasingly expect marriage to

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