The Negative Effects Of Marriage

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Individuals in this world are not going to be fond about marriage. Still, for the most part, the majority of people want to be married at some point of their life. For a person to fall in love with somebody and commit themselves for the rest of their lives is absolutely outstanding. Even though the majority of marriages are going to be positive, marriage can likewise have its downfalls at times too. Some positive aspects of marriage could be that a person has someone who they truly love and can rely on. Being married to your significant other improves a person’s health significantly. If the couple decides to have children in their future, the couple will get to share their love of their child with their relatives, especially on holidays. If …show more content…
According to City-Data, “Some of the positive aspects of a marriage can be unconditional love and support, someone to balance your strengths, share the workload, someone who spoils you and gives you someone to spoil” “The only negative (if it is a negative) is always trying to remember the other person’s feeling, schedule, tastes, etc. A person can never think about themselves anymore. But this right here can be turned into an opportunity to exercise your thoughtfulness and consideration, which can serve to strengthen a person’s relationship.” (par.1). An individual who spoils another person should be thankful that they have that special someone in their life. Somebody who helps their significant other clean up the dirty dishes or vacuum around the house is very helpful and considerate of their spouse. Any person in the world would be so excited for somebody to help them do something without even asking. Those are the things that matter the most to people. No marriage is going to be perfect and someone in the marriage is going to have to sacrifice events or other things at some point in their marriage. Having a significant other by another person’s side for support is a wonderful …show more content…
This individual counts on their significant other to support them through the best and worst situations they go through. For instance, the couple depends on each other for help when they need it and will stand by each other’s side to encourage each other to do whatever makes them happy. The happily married couple will have to trust each other, which will allow more stability in their marriage. If there is not any trust in any relationship, it is going to be difficult to make the relationship work. However, individuals who have trust issues could have had a bad experience in their past or may have insecurities about themselves. People who have stability in their marriage should be able to make their marriage work longer than marriages that do not have stability. When a person gets married, depending on religion, the priest says to the bride and groom, “… to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health…” and the bride and groom say “I do” or agree to these terms. The now married couple should try to accomplish this, even though at times, one of the significant others may not follow through with the priest’s

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