Pros And Cons: The Benefits Of Genetically Modified Foods

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Many do not realize that everyone has been unconsciously consuming genetically modified foods throughout the entire course of one’s life. GMO is an acronym for genetically modified foods. This is described as a food that has been artificially altered in a laboratory with various components that does not occur naturally. Foods are generally modified in these ways to create bigger, better tasting, and long lasting foods. GMOs are found in many common foods that almost every average person consumes day to day. Many citizens today are skeptical about eating these foods because of the possible health risks that they possess. GMO experimentation is an unnatural practice that should not be allowed due to the many negative effects it has on the world. …show more content…
For example, many foods people consume today have had their genetic makeup gradually modified through thousands of years of selective breeding (Fernandez, 2). Furthermore, the first genetically modified seeds ever made are currently being used to make ingredients in about 80% of packaged foods (Gasparro, 1). To summarize, supporters of GMOs believe that the genetically modified foods are way too common already and are not going anywhere anytime soon. Many might believe that GMOs are beneficial, however, genetically modified foods should not be a part of the world’s consumption because they are unsafe, not healthy to eat, and create negative effects on the environment.
For starters, GMOs should not be allowed for consumption because they do not test them enough for safety. For instance, resources say that experts may not have enough information about the safety of eating genetically modified foods (Fernandez). This creates the issue of blindly eating something that could be very harmful to your health. Additionally,
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To illustrate, studies have shown that GMO foods have left harmful materials behind inside of us that can cause negative long term effects (10 Reasons To Avoid GMOS). GMO consumption has caused many cases of health issues and concerns. Researchers say that Americans with three or more chronic illnesses increased from 7% to 13% in just nine years (10 Reasons To Avoid GMOS). This has a great correlation to the increase of the production of GMOs over the years. The GMO insecticides can transfer into the DNA of bacteria living inside of us, proven to appear in the fetus and blood of pregnant women (10 Reasons To Avoid GMOS). The leftover toxic chemicals from the insect killers have been known to leave residues in the modified foods. These harmful substances can stay in our digestive system and affect us in many greater ways than we believe. Obviously, GMOs have created a large number of health related problems due to the consumption of their foods. As a result of this research, is the consumption of these unnatural foods worth the overall negative health

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