Pros And Cons On Smoking

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Throughout the years, public consciousness regarding smoking affects has escalated enormously. Currently the public acknowledges that smoking, in addition to, secondhand smoke is detrimental to society 's health. Thus directing us to the vulnerability of these consequences in workplaces, a developing concern for countless individuals who are demanding a healthy working environment. (Schmidt, H., 2013)
Twenty-one states, have a policy of not hiring smokers, a practice opposed by 65% of Americans, according to a 2012 poll by Harris International. (Schmidt, H., 2013) According to Koch, W. of USA Today in 2012, a mounting number of employers, predominantly hospitals and medical businesses, are enforcing bans on smokers; by declining to employ candidates
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(Fox, M., 2013) Employees who do not smoke or are not exposed to continuous second-hand smoke take fewer sick days and are more probable to retire prematurely or exit on disability. Equally important, according to the Institute of Medicine, “research shows that the best way for people to quit smoking is through evidence-based smoking cessation technologies and programs.” Employers are in an excellent position to make these cessation services available and can reap the benefits of a healthier work force, lower absenteeism and decreased health care costs. (Institute of Medicine, …show more content…
The loss of productivity influenced by employees requiring excessive smoke breaks which trigger frequent interruptions to the task at hand, consequently becoming unproductive. (Zupek, R., 2007)
Profounder job satisfaction
When employees are healthy and have a compelling appreciation of individual welfare, there is an improvement in their confidence and the overall characteristics of the work environment. In this atmosphere, employees are more productive and experience a greater sense of loyalty. (Institute of Medicine, 2016)
A study commissioned by the Foundation Cancer, discovered approximately 22% of Luxembourg 's population smoke, with a considerable majority of both smokers and non-smokers verbalizing they are perturbed by passive smoking. (Luxemburger Wort, 2012)

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