Ethical Issues In Tobacco Smoking

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1. The view points of the key stakeholders in this case are their job and their health. Weyco is a small company from Michigan, that will fired all their smoker employees. The company wants to improve the health of its own employees, so they offer wellness program like weight management and nutrition counseling. Also, they set up classes and programs aimed at smokers in order to prevent employees from smoking in their life. However, the employees who smoke argue that this is costing their job and their rights to privacy. People who cannot stop smoking are fired, and they lose their job over a habit that they cannot stop. At the same time, they cannot even smoke at home, which they feel a violation of their right because they have the right to privacy at their own home. But their freedom is restricted from a company’s rule that should apply only at the work place. …show more content…
The ethical issues that we should consider when deciding to fire tobacco users are their performance and their behavior. If an employee does very well on their job, but they are a smoker then we should not fire this employee. Smoking is a habit for some people; as long as it does not interfere with their work then they should not be fire. On the other hand, if someone perform badly on their job but is not a smoker then they should not keep this person around. Their bad behavior will influence the job which reflects the company’s poor performance.
3. It is not appropriate for employers to impose restrictions on individual freedoms. If it is in the workplace then I can understand the reasons. Some people do not want to be next to a smoker because of secondhand smoke. The smell still lingers around their body, and the heavy air around them will cost some people to breathe into their body. However, people have their rights to do anything at their home because it is their space. At home, they can do anything they want, and there are no restrictions on what they can

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