Should Gays Be Allowed In The Military

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Briana Phillips
Keith Payne
Honors Civics & Economics
November 23, 2015
Should Gays Be Allowed To Openly Serve in The U.S. Military? Gays have been fighting for their equal rights since the beginning of time. People seem to always have a problem with homosexuals serving our U.S. military whether they are Christian or Atheist, although they do not seem to care as long as they don’t know about the person’s sexual preference. People are going to want to serve their country no matter their sexual preference. According to the Naval Institute, gays haven’t been accepted to serve in the United States military since March 11, 1778 when Lieutenant Gotthold Frederick Enslin became the first documented service member to be dismissed for being homosexual.
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There are always two sides to a story, and to ensure that I don’t seem biased toward one side, I will present an equal amount of pros and cons. I’ll present the pros first. The first pro I came across was that since America is known for its belief in equally, it’s the right thing to do. America proudly shows off that equality is one of our basic points of human life, and that’s what makes us different than other nations. When African Americans and woman wanted to join in the military, this same argument was used. Both of these groups have been allowed to serve in the U.S. military for many years now, and it hasn’t been shown to have a negative effect, so why not allows homosexuals to …show more content…
As I look at each side of the story I can see good point brought up on both sides of the story. For pros, you can’t deny the Constitution, and its rights that it allows people, but on the cons side, many people feel very strongly about their religion and wouldn’t want to go against it. I previously stated in the introduction that I felt that homosexuals should have the same rights that we do. I agree with Frank McEnulty, the President of Our Castle Homes though on the fact that homosexuals should have rights, but not “gay rights”, everyone should have the same rights. McEnulty stated

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