Pros And Cons Of Firearm Policy

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Firearm Policies within the State’s Borders The big debate between states with looser firearm policies and states with very strict fire arm policies; who is to say what laws affect one state has to affect another state? Most Americans can argue that, the state should be able to regulate or set policies that accommodate their beliefs within the borders of their state. There is a hand full of reasons why states should set their own policies such as, one state belief on gun policies shouldn’t be pushed on another state, and one state’s terrain differ between another states terrain, also the 2nd amendment goes against a Federal regulation on firearm policy within states. These reasons are why a state should be able to set firearm policies within …show more content…
Federal regulating would favor either strict gun laws or looser gun laws, thus causing conflict between states. For example, in California “There is a mandatory 10-day waiting period before the firearms dealer can deliver the firearm to the purchaser. During this 10-day waiting period, the DOJ conducts a firearms eligibility background check to ensure the purchaser is not prohibited from lawfully possessing” (Kamala D. Harris) (Pg 5.) Texas does not require a waiting period. Also California has a law that restricts eighteen years old from purchasing a hand gun or revolver till they’re twenty one which is ironic, because California is quick to sign a young man or woman to a military branch. In fact, those young adult carry AR15/M16 rifles, in battle against the opposing side but aren’t allowed to purchase a common handgun or revolver in the California state. In Texas, rifles and handguns are common in every residents families; prohibiting Texas eighteen year old residents from purchasing a handgun would start an up rise within the state. Respecting each states belief on firearm policies is important in keeping all the states content without offending other states with different …show more content…
Texas terrains are heavily filled with trees, and woods; which gives Texans the opportunity to hunt. For Texans hunting is a family bonding opportunity, also give the parents a chance to teach their child how to properly use a rifle or gun. A state such as New York that is heavily populated and urbanized does not have the terrain to hunt, or do activities with firearms as states like Texas. So New York’s laws should not impact the laws for all America as the Federal laws will affect. So setting a bright line rule is hard due to the differences in state geography and topography. Another reason the federal government shouldn’t dictate Texas gun or rifle laws is smaller states have less land to freely use firearms, unlike a bigger state; which has plenty of open space for shooting and is more open in preventing from accidental shooting. Also the law the federal government is trying to pass, limits the amount of ammo a gun can hold; the federal government should not overlook how rural and urban areas differ. In urban areas, there is more crime and violence due to urban cities having gangs and other organized crime. But on the other hand you can’t set laws keeping firearms out of the abiding citizens who follow the laws and want to protect their property or families from these gangsters. With

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