Expository Essay: Where To Go To College

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Deciding on where to go to college may be a difficult process. For many students, attending college may be frustrating and severely stressful. At the same time, though college can be a very enjoyable experience. Choosing the right school and picking the right classes can be time- consuming. Every school has its positives and negatives, and when taking a school in consideration looking at what the school offers and how beneficial it will be is a good observation. So why should people take Central Community College in consideration? When talking to Jessica Sorge, the Counselor at Central Community College- Hastings she had some satisfying answers of why a person should choose Central Community College. Jessica talked about there being several different programs that CCC has to offer rather than other schools. Such as the Dental Hygiene, Diesel, and Occupational Therapy Assisting. She said …show more content…
Allie said that the school in general has many great opportunities. Central Community College has many two year programs that are successful and free tutoring for students that need help in a class. Halloran claimed that she has enjoyed being a part of CCC. All of her teachers have been superb and she has gotten to meet other students by being involved in activities. Halloran said “ I recommend that students be prepared for college and to get involved to meet new people.” Allie explained that going to Central Community College can be beneficial to most students. It can save a person an abundant amount of money. She also feels being at a community college has helped her figure out her major rather than being rushed into something.She discussed how she chose to go to CCC because she was undecided on her major, so she felt that it was a good place to start. Halloran’s goal at CCC is to find a major she is happy with and come out

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