Pros And Cons Of Abortion Policy

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Abortion Policy
Since the 1970’s, abortion laws have been an endless battle that leaves American woman with little protection or fear of ridicule. In 1973, Roe v. Wade was a step forward when it was decided “before the Supreme Court” that abortion statutes were overstepping the “Ninth and
Fourteenth Amendment rights of” Roe, a single pregnant woman (Roe, 2008). Since then there have been many lawsuits against woman who want to abort a pregnancy and clinic that provide abortion procedures. There are compelling arguments for both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice however there are not enough woman in either three branches of government to make a decision about what a woman wants to do with her body. When federal/state bureaucrats get involved in a
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Extremist have even gone as far as saying that abortions “cause intense psychological pain and stress,” which has not empirical data to support the psychology of women who have abortions (10 Arguments, 2016).
A Free Abortion Act should be legal nationwide, education is the key to keeping everyone informed based on medical advice from experts in the field and statistical data of census from clinics and women who have had abortions. Representatives from each state will vote based on this information and passed arguments whether allowing abortion to be a woman’s decision based on what she feels is right for her body. If voted, yes, then allowing all clinics the right to provide women with the option to abort or further information regarding pregnancy or contraceptives based on what the individual women wants to be discussed. No barriers on when viable life is, parental consent, or any additional information given unless consented for.
With a Free Abortion Act, government healthcare programs such as, Medicaid, will
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If the fetus is viable, alternatives such as, adoption must be discussed with the mother. To include privacy rights, any protestors must be
500 feet from any established abortion clinic. Schools will add abortion procedures as an addition to the curriculum in sex education classes.
Further research and census will be done anonymously to monitor any changes in women’s physical health, fertility, psychological health, etc. as well as political input on possible change in policy. Research on the amount of children in foster care versus amount of abortions per year. If research shows that increase in abortions are effecting taxpayer significantly, can the policy continue to be funded or will further grant options be needed. Evaluating the chances of infertility after an abortion and identifying if the cause was abortion or biological factors.
Monitoring the mental and physical health of when after an abortion procedure. When stigma’s and shaming are less to no longer existing then further research can be done but this policy will start the revolution.
Once all the information has been evaluated, there may need to be changes depending

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