Proposal for a Performance Learning System Essay

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The Current Situation at Alto Company.
The performance management system (PMS) is still a work in progress: Performance metrics need to be assigned for each job and linked to the position agreement in the job description. Then, employees will be able to self-monitor performance on their own dashboard displaying their contribution (Cokins, 2010), which is linked to their job evaluation. Before the PMS is finalized the following considerations are offered, followed by a plan to implement a holistic performance learning system that incorporates the considerations.

Focus on Management Not Measurement.
The PMS shares common data, allowing for transparency, and because metrics cascade from one dashboard to another, the system reveals the
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Management Initiatives Are Currently Being Undermined.
At Alto, the recurrence of silos is due partly to the nascent PML skills of the managers and partly due to the fact that the present performance management review process still focuses employees on how efficient they are in their departments and what results the individual department produces. This process is a legacy from the HR department which has not yet embraced the new vision of performance management. This dichotomy creates an ethical problem in the company because managers are saying one thing about how to perform and the HR departments requires managers to evaluate employees based on a different set of criteria.

Managing the Change Process.
Implementing a PMS is a change process. The HR department should be enlisted to help transform the current company culture into a performance culture. This transformation requires that HR have a better understanding of the current state and the desired state of the management role so they can support the initiatives (Colville & Millner, 2011), not undermine them. HR must have a substantial grasp of the strategy-mapping and KPI selection process to be able to align the information in the performance agreement with the job description.

Anticipate Resistance.
The promise of a dashboard-driven PMS holds great allure, and Alto has committed vast resources to its development. It would seem that

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