Blended Learning

By definition blended learning is ___. This paper will examine two studies that analyzed blended learning in the workplace.
Five researchers explore the present and future situation of blended learning in American workplaces by surveying human resource development managers across America in study one. While there are many definitions of blended learning available, the researchers utilize Charles Graham’s definition of blended learning; it states, “blended learning … means a combination of online and face-to-face instruction”. They also employ blended learning models with a corporate perspective (skill-driven model, attitude-driven model, and competency-driven model) to refine their study questionnaire. Additionally, the researchers “point
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The article detailed a study they conducted as part of the Blended Learning for Soft-Skills Development. They utilized a quasi-experimental methodology to form four participant groups that would all employ different variations of blended learning in order to meet the study purpose of “determining which strategy yielded optimal results or change in organizational and interpersonal behavior.” (pg. 429) The participants all worked in the same corporation; they were expected to allocate twenty minutes per day over a six-week period to their learning assignments. The data for the study was accumulated through phone calls, questionnaires, and surveys before, throughout, and after the …show more content…
Whereas of the ten motivators for blended learning identified during the pre-test, all but two exceeded thirty percent: flexibility in time (57.5%), flexibility in location (55%), timely feedback from facilitators (32.5%), confidentiality (52.5%), engaging design (35%), relevant content (82.5%), being able to work through course materials at my own pace (57.5%), fits your style of learning (47.5%). This displayed the positive impact that blended learning had in workplace learning within the organization. The test subjects were more enthusiastic about the blended learning motivators than they were about their perceived barriers to learning. This research will provide organizations with a foundation of workers perceived barriers to blended learning so that they may design programs that can overcome those barriers, while maintaining the motivators that draws the targeted audience

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