Prophet Muhammad Contribution

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Prophet Muhammad and His Contribution to Humanity
Debanjan Datta
Eden Kassaye
World History I
24 September, 2016

One of the most growing religion in the world is Islam. The foundation of this monotheistic religion is those revelations of the prophet Muhammad. Muhammad was born in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia in 570 A.D. His father died before he was born and he lived as an orphan. His mother passed away when he was only six years old. His grandfather raised him and took care of him for few months, but died after a short period of time. Muhammad had a difficult childhood even though he came from a noble family. He started to work with Khadija, a wealthy widow whom Muhammad married later. They settled down in the city
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Because of the unjustified and brutal world system we set up, many peoples’ lives stayed below the poverty line. Prophet Muhammad is a great example of bringing the right and equality between the poor and rich. As much profound cherish for poor individuals may be always reflected starting with as much a few sayings. Before Islam existed in most Arabic regions, the poor were neglected by the wealthy people. They were looked down and no one cared about them. In any case, all the greater part has changed with Prophet Muhammad. The wealthy Muslims were presently obligated to take care and spend their money to help the poor out. “The society is responsible for strengthening the weak and providing sufficient means to the poor to enable them to meet their basic needs” (Tahir 53). The slaves had their right and they were treated equally with their masters. He made the rich pay twenty-five percent of their wealth to the poor. The rich people were afraid because they had to share their wealth with the poor. “The Messenger of Allah thus emphasized on the right of the poor and needy to basic necessities” (Tahir 53). The leaders were afraid because they didn’t want to lose their power, leadership and positions. Even after he died, the Caliphs didn’t stop fulfilling the rights of the needy and respecting the. Muhammad taught that its worthier to provide and every human deserves respect and …show more content…
Muhammad’s mission was to free humanity from fake worshiping of idols, to free the slaves from the hardship of the rich, and to free the people from the oppression imposed on them by the priest of false religions. Despite these major missions, he was also a role model for all minorities. Before he went to Mecca, the Muslims were worshiping and believing on idols and animals. He reveled the word of God to those non-believers through the revelation. He started spreading the truth about God and his work by telling them there is one almighty God who created everything on earth above everyone. No one believed him at first. All the hardships he faced during his mission, did not stop him from going. Despite these major miss ions, he was also a role model for all

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