Who Is Prophet Muhammad A Hero In Everyday Life

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Research Question: Who is the most qualified person to be call as a hero in everyone life?
Prophet Muhammad PBUH as a real hero in everyone life.

Every individual has its own heroes. Everyone has a special figure or set of values they look to as a personal ideal of what is worth fighting for and what is right. When we were kids, we used to think that heroes were like Superman, Batman, Ultraman and other superheroes that we watched in television. Watching how those heroes save the universe in the movie make we thought that hero was all about handsome, strong, and they must protect the universe. Throughout maturity we realized that those written in the movie was just a lie. In real life, people cannot fly, there was no gigantic monster and
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But for me, as a Muslim I believe that Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the most worthy person to be called as a real hero. I am sure every Muslim will agree with me. Prophet Muhammad PBUH is a hero that is significance across time. Prophet Muhammad’s unique communication and leadership style led to the spread of Islam, not only within Arabia but also outside to the north, south, east, west and southwest of Arabia. As a leader during wartime or as a leader during peacetime, Prophet Muhammad proved to master skillful techniques with which he accomplished his goals in delivering the message of Islam. The Prophet Muhammad was supremely successful on both the religious and secular level. As a private person, he was a husband, father, friend and businessman; as a public figure, he was a leader, legislator, judge, statesman and general; as a Messenger of God, he was a law-giver, preacher and …show more content…
However, worth imitation and blindly imitates are different. In blindly imitates, people will imitates all of the action regardless what and how the action is. For example, a couple of years ago, 12-year-old Scott Buckle accidentally killed himself as he tried to imitate the character of Johnny Depp in the Hollywood blockbuster, Pirates of the Caribbean. According to BBC, Scott apparently hanged himself as he copied a scene in which Depp’s character escapes the noose. This kind of imitation is not worth it because we imitated without a clear purpose and the act that we imitated did not gave us any good

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