Propaganda During The Cold War Essay

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When the word “war” pops up in one’s head a few things that come to mind are death, fighting, and bloodshed. The Cold War was different than all other wars the United States has participated in. The Cold War had physical fighting, but it was more of a war of intimidation and superiority. Since the Cold War was a war over intimidation and superiority one thing that both the United States and the Soviet Union depended on is propaganda. One type of propaganda that was used frequently was radio propaganda. Both the United States and the Soviet Union depended on Radio Propaganda to convey certain ideals to many individuals. Radio propaganda was used frequently during the early stages of the Cold War since many people owned radios. The United States depended on Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, and Voices of America to bash communism and show communist satellite countries how capitalism was better than communism. The Soviet Union depended on Radio Moscow to convey its certain ideals to some capitalist countries. Radio Moscow focused mainly on Africa, England, Spain and other European countries. Both the Soviet Union and United States used radio propaganda as a useful tool in the Cold War. Radio propaganda is any kind of propaganda used to influence a person into a certain cause by transmitting the propaganda over a radio broadcast. Radio stations fall into two categories “white” and “black”. White radio stations are correctly and legally using their registered wavelengths. Their…

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