Project Management : Failures, Classic Mistakes, And Best Practice

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Project Management: How to Overcome Infamous Failures, Classic Mistakes, and Best Practice’s in IT Projects Jyothi Priya, Alekapatti Nandagopal, MS ITM, UTD.
The article of Ryan Nelson reveals the reasons behind the IT projects failures. Improper project management, poor requirements gathering, over-estimated programming development, under Estimation, inefficient risk management, poor Quality Assurance, and misuse of advanced technology misuse are the major issues for those failures. From the McConnell findings major IT failures are grouped as Process failures (45%), People failures (43%), Product failures (8%) and Technology failures (4%). Few techniques where introduced for best practices in Project management. Later discussed about the techniques learnt from the article to improve Project management skills.
Ryan Nelson investigated 74 organizations over seven years about 'infamous ' IT project failures which involved in billions of dollars investments. Failures are grouped as Client Failure (IRS, FAA, and FBI IT projects), incomplete requirements (FAA and FBI IT projects), ineffective stakeholder management (Denver airport IT project), over-estimated research-oriented development (McDonalds IT Project), poor estimation (AMR corp. IT project), insufficient risk management (BofA IT project) and other issues."
Project Manager with poor appraisal and motivation among team members, inadequate resources, and extreme relying on particular…

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