Project Implementation Of Palm Tree Spa Essay

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L.O.3.2: Project Scheduling Tools to Plan the Project Activities so as to Minimise the Time and Cost of the Project:
There are different techniques and tools that would be sued for scheduling of project and facilitates the firm to develop correct schedules in order to execute activities, duties, tasks and responsibilities. Different tools and techniques in this regards could be used in case of Palm Tree Spa, summarized as under.
Gantt Chart: The Gantt Chart is an effective project management technique, aimed to describe different tasks and activities required to be performed for completion of project and represents starting and ending dates. Gantt Chart for project of Palm Tree Spa in summarized in figure below. Milestone Schedules: The Milestone Schedules refer to the major tool or technique of project management which is aimed to reflect practical approach related with available time for different activities and duties of project, associated cost and budget and other aspects (Darren, 2012). Milestones are aimed to facilitate the manager and project team to develop project plans and setting up milestones, facilitate to compare planned and actual management analysis. It also facilitates the project manager in implementing plans for growing business.
PERT Network: PERT Network refers to the network of activities which are aimed to describe different activities and roles to be performed under project for its successful completion. It also described the network of different…

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