Project Based Learning ( Pbl ) Essay

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Introduction Project based learning (PBL) is a teaching approach that education professionals should consider integrating within the classroom. This teaching/learning instructional strategy provides students with inquiry opportunity; students are encouraged to pursue answers to their own questions by way of problem solving, data collection, and discussion. Finally, they will share what they have learned with an authentic audience in a creative format such as a project, digital presentation, or report (Drake & Long 2009, Hertzog 2007, Hung, Hwang, & Huang 2012). Project based learning seems to directly align with the Common Core Standards. The new standards adopted by Florida (as well as many other states) require teachers and students to delve much more deeply into the content than before and begin providing thorough explanations of “how” and “why” answers are developed. The inquiry process involved with project based learning works particularly well for challenging students to study concepts at this deeper level. “Within the project based approach there is emphasis on thinking, problem solving, reflecting, and evaluating ones work (Hertzog, 2007, p.538)” which are the skills that lead to those “how” and “why” explanations. PBL offers teachers a rigorous yet engaging way to structure their lessons while giving students the chance to increase critical thinking.
Review of Literature Based on the five research studies I reviewed, it is evident that project based learning is…

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