Proj410 Midterm Exam Study Guide Essay

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PROJ410 Midterm Exam Study Guide
1. The Midterm Exam is open book, open notes. The maximum time that you can spend in the exam is two hours. If you have not clicked the Submit for Grade button by then, you will be automatically exited from the exam. In the Midterm Exam environment, the Windows clipboard is disabled, and so you still will not be able to copy exam questions or answers to or from other applications.
2. You should click the Save Answers button in the exam frequently.
This helps prevent connection timeouts that might occur with certain Internet Service Providers, and also minimizes lost answers in the event of connection problems. If your Internet connection does break, when you reconnect,
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10. Assignments will also be prime targets for revisiting. 11. Reviewing the TCOs will also be a great preparation for the Midterm Exam which I have listed below for your convenience.
1 Given a specific project scope, a set of legal and management requirements, and the availability of internal resources, evaluate optional contract structures and recommend and justify the preferred structure for that given situation.
2 Given a simple procurement need and a complex project that requires one or more procurement activities, compare and contrast the scope and functions of contract procurement/management versus project management.
3 Given a specific project and its anticipated contract administration and project management requirements, create a procurement division of responsibilities matrix and a project division of responsibility matrix that consider the utilization of internal resources in order to define any external resources that will be required.
4 Given specific contract procurement conditions for a project, identify and evaluate the factors that influence a contract pricing strategy and recommend the strategy that is best suited for the given conditions.
5 Given certain contract objectives and related project requirements, formulate the sections of a project plan that specify the budget, schedule, and technical requirements for the contract.
6 Given the need to procure a major contract,

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