Program Plan For Healthy Eating Essay example

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Program Plan for healthy eating in the workplace
This workplace healthy eating program will be developed to target some of areas through different strategies to improve the health and wellbeing of the workers. According to the survey in Australia, most of adverse health outcomes due to poor nutrition is related to excess intake of high energy-dense food that is high in saturated fat, added or refined sugars , and also limited intake of nutrient dense foods such as vegetable and fruit to cause deficiency in certain important nutrients in Australian (National Public Health Partnership, 2001). Therefore, workers need a program for helping them to meet the Australian dietary guidelines and gain adequate nutrients to reduce the risk of chronic disease. The following show the different sections of the program planning, including goal, objectives and strategies.

Increasing 50% workers to meet the Australian dietary guidelines in unhealthy workplace by Dec 2018

First objective
60% workers in unhealthy workplace will be able to meet the recommended servers of vegetable and fruit of Australian dietary guidelines by Dec 2017

The first strategy is to ensure availability access to fruits and vegetables in workplace dining hall and other on site dining facilities. The reason is that many workers eat at least one meal and buy some snack from the food service venues in workplace, so the fruit and vegetables available at the workplace cafeterias can affect the worker to buy for…

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