Nursing Career Research Paper

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Nursing is one of the most essential occupations of all times. The main reason for such importance is the priceless value of our health. Aside from its lifesaving benefits, the profession of nursing provides stability as well as financial wellbeing. That is why so many people make a decision to enter this field, and I am proud to be one of them. Being a nurse requires dedication, applying of efforts in education, and possession of personal characteristics, but this is an easy goal to accomplish for me as for anyone else who is passionate. The perspective nurses must have dedication, a calling for this profession in their hearts. It is, indeed, a physically challenging work, but the most difficult part of nurse`s occupation is the moral implication. …show more content…
Thus, according to the official Broward College website, Associate Degree in nursing involves 18 months of full time effort (“Associate”). However, it is just one of many educational steps. First, a future nurse must complete all of the required prerequisite subjects, most of which are scientific. It is a challenging path, and in order to achieve results student must devote a lot of time and be ready to apply extensive efforts. From my personal experience, the prerequisite step alone took on the average of two years. Let`s say the student passed all of the examinations and successfully enrolled into the nursing program. Would his/her life become easier? This is clearly not the case. Thus, Rachael Starkey, a second-year nurse student, in her article "Does It Really Need to Be So Tough to Become a Nurse?" had vividly described her experience at Great Ormond Street Hospital: “It has felt like a constant whirlwind of placements, work, essays, more work and exams. An unrelenting level of stress never seems to subside. There have not been enough hours in the day to do the reading I need to do” (11). As we can see, it is not an easy task to become a nurse; achieving this goal implies a hard studying. However, a higher education is the only way enables to work as a nurse, and I am, just like any other student in the nursing program, know that the final outcome by far overweighs the …show more content…
Nursing Profession: Development, Challenges, and Opportunities describes nursing function as the unique one aimed “. . . to assist individual, sick or well, in performance of these activities contributing to health and recovery. . .” (Mason 11). Obviously, it is uneasy task. The experienced healthcare professionals pointed out that the nurse should have the qualities such as compassion, patience, and humility (“Is the Nursing”). Indeed, the nurse performing her main task, collides with a human pain, suffering, and illness on the daily basis. The patients often experience confusion of the senses, fear, and anxiety, there is a high probability of psychological impact. As the nurse plays a vital role in the recovery process, she must be able to handle it efficiently, and it is only possible if she possesses special personal characteristics such as compassion, patience, and humility. I am a big believer in the personal approach methods, and as a possessor the personal characteristics any nurse is needed, I am ready to apply these skills in my

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