Professional Issues in Computing Essay

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Learning Outcome 1: Understand the impact of National and Global legislation involved in computing and information systems development.
Computers and their uses have become pervasive in today's society with new uses occurring on almost a daily basis. In general this use is beneficial; however, as with all technology, computers may be put to the wrong use. In order to safeguard computer users in the UK there are different types of legislation covering the many uses or misuses of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).
Following is the current legislation in computing:
1.1) Computer Misuse Act 1990
1.2) Consumer Protection Act 1987
1.3) Data Protection Act 1998
1.4) Disability Discrimination Act 1995
1.5) Freedom of
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1.3 Data Protection Act
The Data Protection Act 1998 was designed to provide a legal framework upon which to protect the privacy of personal data when used with information technology.
The Data Protection Act is UK legislation designed to place legal constraints on the use and processing of personal data.
The act gives people rights to protect themselves against any misuse of data held about them.
The first data protection act became law in 1984 before the widespread popularity of the Internet. The rapid growth of the Internet meant that information could be easily shared even between countries which do not have data protection legislation. This (and to bring it in line with European law) led to a revision of the act in 1998 which became law on 1st March 2000. The updated act covers personal data held on paper as well as computer and makes it illegal for data transfer to countries that do not have appropriate data protection laws and rights.
The data protection act has two general purposes:
1. The rights of individuals about which data is held and what they can do regarding data held about them.
2. The responsibilities of the data users and processors.
1.4 Disability Discrimination Act
An Act to make it unlawful to discriminate against disabled persons in connection with employment, the provision of goods, facilities and services

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