Training Need Assessment

Our team is making a great progress according to our milestones plan. In our first meeting, we surfed it website and learned a little bit about who is it and what it does. We were lucky enough to have an organization that has already identified their needs. We essentially had to make sure that they really need what they think they need it. In our second meeting, we shared our individual’s interests and backgrounds in order to assign each one of us appropriate tasks. We had our plan very early, thanks to Kurt, which enabled us to work effectively and be prepared ahead of the class schedule.

We conducted an initial interview. Every member of our team came up with three to five well-developed questions and shared them with others; we finally
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Since my portion of this project is methodology and analysis, I designed the survey; then, I shared it with the team members through Google Doc, so everyone can edit and modify. After everyone’s’ recommendations were considered, I emailed the revised version to Claire and she took care of distributing them to 45 employees who are in the managerial and supervisory positions. In designing the survey, I focused on three main aspects of training need assessment: Firstly, subjects of training program based on employees’ needs and their perceptions of the importance of these subjects; secondly, quality and effectiveness of the current training program; thirdly, trainers’ and trainees’ preferences and suggestions for future training. When we received the data two weeks later, I created Google sheets (Excel alike) to process the data and produce meaningful information to the team. I applied some of the basic statistics such as mean, mode, and range to analyze the quantitative data. To analyze the qualitative data, I identified the common patterns in employees’ suggestions and comments and then classified them under meaningful themes. Later on, Vicky and I worked together in outlining our conclusion from the survey analysis and presented it to the team to help us providing appropriate recommendations.

For our literature reviews, we assigned every team member to research in a specific area that is important for our project.
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It was less formal since the CEO was not there. We mainly wanted some explanations relating to the survey results. I shared some of ideas about training guideline and Kim asked specific questions about Brightpoint’s resources and the best time and period for future training programs. Overall, we wanted to check whether we are on the right truck and I think we got it. Additionally, we asked Claire to send the survey to some of the front line employees, so we have three different perspectives of the training needs in (CEO, top management, and front line employees). This week we received the second survey results; Vicky and I are working in analyzing and interpreting the data and we are going to present that to the team next class.

Although everyone of our team has a specific responsibility according to our milestones plan, our team worked interdependently; we provided each other suggestions and feedback about our individual contributions; and we helped each other throughout the process. Communication among team members was efficient and effective. Emails were the most used tool for communication and we took advantage of the time provided after each class to discuss and share and check the progress of our individual work as well as the team accomplishments during that

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