Computer Programmer Progression

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A computer programmer a person who commutates with a computer. How does one get a career in this field, and what is the future of this field for me? What is a computer programmer? According to the U.S. Department of Labor a computer programmer job is to write and test code that allows computer applications and software programs to function properly. The U.S. Department of Labor goes on to say that computer programmers turn program designs created by software developers and engineers into instructions that a computer can follow, and they test that code to make the code is free from errors. The tasks done by computer programmers listed by O * Net Online are correct errors, conduct trial run of programs, write and maintain computer programs, …show more content…
The need of constantly being challenged, the logical aspect, and the hands on with computers are the needs that this field will fulfill for me. The interests this field fulfills for me is the programming of programs, robotics, and computers. I have always been interested in robots, and how they will affect the future of the world down the road. I what to know how computers work. This field will also fulfill my dream of one day programming an artificial intelligence. This will be done by the knowledge that I will gain from the field. The values that this field will fulfill for me are challenging, always adapting, and logic. Challenging because I constantly need to be challenge to keep my interest in something. Adapting because it is a field that will grow with the times, and like me has to adapt with the challenges that happen in the road ahead. This occupation fits my long-range career goals by being a programmer, wanting to build a robot, wanting to make an artificial intelligence, and constantly being challenged by a job that will grow as I grow in the field. The other information that I will need about myself and computer programming to realistically evaluate the possibilities in this field are more information about the steps needed to get to a degree in this field, all the necessary information about the field that I can attain, am I ready to deal with the stress of the job, and how well will I do in college as I prepare to get in this field. The steps I will need to take in order to attain my goal are finding an internship sometime in the future, getting good grades in college, using all the resources avaiblle to me, adapting to the new environment of college, graduating college, finding a job in this field, and completing the goals of making an impact in the

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